Bulk Item Dumpster
For those that are not aware, Ocean Vistas has a dumpster in north garage for bulk items that can’t be bagged/tied and sent down the rubbish room chutes.   One of the biggest causes for stopping up the chutes are people placing boxes, old mops, brooms, etc. that get hung up down the shoot and then has to be cleared by maintenance.  Usually this is not caught right away and then you have trash backed up a number of floors.  Please stress to your family members, housecleaners, guests and rental agents how important this is.  

IF YOU HAVE OLD BEACH CHAIRS, UMBRELLAS ANYTHING THAT CAN’T FIT INTO A KITCHEN GARBAGE BAG AND TIED PLEASE PLACE IN THE BULK DUMPSTER IN NORTH GARAGE.  It will be the only dumpster other than the Silver Recycle Dumpster that the top is not tied down.
Fitness Center Now Closes at 10pm During Summer
The Board has voted in an emergency vote to close the Fitness Center at 10:00 pm during the summer tourist season because it has become an assembly place for teenage guests to hang out. They slam the weights and ignore our requests to be quiet. This will begin as soon as we can post signs. All of the other amenities close at 10 pm so having the Fitness Center open until 11 pm was an invitation for them to hang out there. They can go to the beach if they want to make noise. We had many noise requests this week and are doing our best to keep up.
Turtle Season May 1st through October 31st
During turtle season, Volusia County restricts light levels on the beach.  Please comply with turtle lighting restrictions or face very steep fines from the county.  See this document for more information on our Sea Turtle species and this document for more information on lighting restrictions.

Welcome to Ocean Vistas Condominiums

Welcome to Ocean Vistas Condominium, located on 2.5 oceanfront acres in the relaxed atmosphere of beautiful Daytona Beach Shores, Florida. Relax, dine and shop along the world's most famous beach.


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